House cleaning, Eco cleaning and Deep Cleaning services.

Keep a clean and healthy environment with our enhanced disinfection services.

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Regular Ecoclean

Our sevices are available on a monthly, weekly and biweekle. We also offer one time(once) residential cleaning services and special occasion cleaning service. If you select a regular cleaning service our team will perform the fallowing

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Move In/Out Cleaning

Move out and Move In cleanings include a deeper cleaning touch to all areas of your home. These cleanings includes additional tasks such as in cleaning of baseboards, walls, cabinets, cleaning the laundry room and living room cabinets, interior fridge cleaning, and much much more. These cleanings can also help tenants get more of their deposit back.

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Deep Cleaning

Our team is prepared to carry out a deep cleaning job when we identify the need. This cleaning process removes dust, dirt, bacteria and grime from every single area of your premises. This includes areas that are hard to reach and rarely touched where dirt has had the opportunity to build up over time

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Laundry Ecoclean

Our team is prepared to go directly to your house and leave all your clothes clean. Can you imagine the amount of bacteria and fungi that your clothes can acquire in an external laundry. ECOCLEAN thinks of every detail to leave your family free of bacteria and fungi...

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Mission  image
Welcome to ECOCLEAN HOME CARE where the mission is to harmonize the health of your home with nature. We are dedicated to creating a healthy environment for you and your family, placing a priority on the use of natural, gentle, and non-aggressive products. Our mission goes beyond traditional cleaning; it involves caring for your health and demonstrating respect for the environment.
By choosing ECOCLEAN HOME CARE, you're not just selecting a cleaning service; you're embracing a lifestyle that advocates for a balance between personal well-being and responsible care for the planet. We firmly believe it's feasible to maintain your space impeccably without compromising health or the environment. Each cleaning session we conduct is a stride towards a healthier, more sustainable home in perfect harmony with nature.
Discover the distinction of a cleaning service that is dedicated to both your well-being and the environment. 
Opt for ECOCLEAN HOME CARE for a cleaning experience that transcends the ordinary 
 it's a celebration of health and reverence for the planet we call home."



Monthly service for all your needs.

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Biweekly 15% OFF

Biweekly service provided every two weeks, reliable and efficient.

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Weekly 20% OFF

Weekly service for all your needs.

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Inside Cabinets -$80
Inside Fridge - $60
Inside Oven - $50
Dishes Wash & Dry - $40

Israel Araujo


07/07/2023 I am extremely satisfied with the cleanliness. the entire team came properly prepared and equipped with the best cleaning products. I am very satisfied and I recommend Ecoclean Home Care

Ana Gomes


06/15/2023 EcoClean Homecare to clean my house, and I am thrilled with the results. Their team was professional, punctual, and attentive to every detail. They left my house spotless and fresh, using top-notch eco-friendly products. I highly recommend EcoClean Homecare for their exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you for making my home shine!

Helena Francis



03/02/2023 Never had my house cleaned before but these company made it like a dream. Came home and was amazed at how spotless everything was. The whole process was so easy, they really helped me out when I was needing it. Good value!

Adelle Belfort



01/19/2023 team of ladies very well prepared to do a great service. My house has never been so clean and refreshing. top quality products and excellent work

Amy Warmouth



01/04/2023 perfect team. It always leaves my house clean and fresh. I recommend Ecoclean without a doubt

Lara Muller



05/05/2022 We are starting second month with Ecoclean and I have had only excellent service, professionalism, courtesy ( of my time and my home) and punctuality. I trust them whether I can be on-site or not. I highly recommend this company for residential cleaning.