Regular Ecoclean

Kitchen Cleaning

Mop or vacuum kitchen floor

Dust and vacuum kitchen area rug(s)

Wash and disinfect kitchen countertops & backsplash

Clean kitchen doors, including glass doors inside and door handles

Scrub and sanitize kitchen sink and faucet

Wash top surface of all appliances, including stove, hood, fridge and dishwasher

Wash microwave inside and out

Clean/wipe kitchen table(s) and chairs

Remove spider webs

Spot clean and wipe kitchen cabinets

Empty trash cans and wastebaskets

Wipe light switches and electrical outlets

  Bathroom Cleaning

Clean and sanitize toilets

Clean vanity sink

Clean bathroom cabinet exteriors

Clean and sanitize bathroom sinks and faucets

Clean and sanitize tubs and shower enclosure

Clean and wipe bathroom mirrors

Fold and organize bathroom towels

Sanitize and vacuum/mop bathroom floors

Remove spider webs

Empty wastebaskets

Bedroom Cleaning

Vacuum/mop floors

Dust and vacuum rugs

Dust and wipe furniture

Clean and wipe mirrors

Clean windowsills

Make bed and change linens

Living, Family, & Dining Room Cleaning

Sanitize and mop floors

Vacuum carpeted areas

Vacuum sofa and fluff up pillows

Dust and wipe furniture

Clean all mirrors

Remove spider webs 

Dust and vacuum rugs

Dust and wipe windowsills